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Welcome to the Distortion Mirrors Experts.


very effective Business tool and Fun product.

Distortionmirrors, or call them funmirrors, You get the attention of the public. Makes you laugh, distracts you for just that moment from the ‘seriousness’ of business. OR, simply makes you laugh in a funpark or makes the children laugh in the childrens’ section of the hospital.

In a Hotel or hotel lobby, in a bankbuilding or on a Trade Show, include your Distortion or Funmirrors and you are assured of attention.  The distortionmirror says  ‘Welcome, we mean business with a smile…….’


Based on our many years experience, we offer you:

A full program of distorting mirrors

Recommendation of a model for your purpose

Quote you our most demanded models, the ones we usually have in stock!

A made to measure product, we will make you a proposal according to your specifications.

´Distorting mirrors, not a daily product?’

SURPRISE!: Today our distorting mirrors are demanded for:

Bankbuidings, in Hospitals, on and in Stands on Tradeshows, kindergarten, Shoppingmalls, the waitingroom of your doctor, your communitycenter. You will, ofcourse, also find our funmirrors in Lunaparks, Funparks, Carnival, Circus.

Our 'Funmirrors'  on the Wall of an indoor playground. Mobile Funmirror with lights for large toys retailer Intertoys Our Distortingmirrors in anti-vandalism frame. Ideaal voor de vrije (openbare) ruimtes in/op gemeentepleinen en attractieparken. Wij maken het!

Parents, kids, youngster, adults, they all have a good laugh when looking in our ‘fun’ mirrors. Made to laugh is a good distraction, whether you are in a bank, a (fashion) shop,  a Tradeshow. See a Funmirror and your attention is drawn. For that reason our distorting mirrors are more and more in demand for stands on Tradeshow and in shops.

We can make you a proposal based on our many years experience for any purpose you can think of. We can usually supply our most demanded mirrorsizes and effects from stock.

We have a very diverse variety of customers: Amusement parks, swimming pools, (Fashion) shops, waiting rooms, casinos, clubs and associations, radio and TV broadcasters and healthcare institutions. So many different customers results in very diverse wishes, and thus very different mirrors. Still, customers often prefer one of our standard models because of their short delivery times. Do you have special wishes, such as a distorting mirror wall, with or without decorative lighting, decorative painting, or other wishes?

The distortion in image

We will make it!

Would you need quite a number of distortingmirrors, but probably just for 1 occosion? You could consider to rent instead. We have a large stock of rental mirrors. Please call on us anytime to consider your wisest busienss option.

Call our exportmanager Ronald Kooij on +31651231193 or mail him on Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

We guarantee satisfaction on all our products. If you are not satisfied with your product, we will offer an alternative! And when your mirror starts showing defects after a year (or 2, or 3?) that should not appear after normal use? We will be there to help.


A special to draw your attention to: 

Ireland, County of Wicklow, A large size distorting mirror with a viewmaster in a hole in the middle in a garden for sick children. Get them to laugh with the mirror, they look into the viewmaster to their better future!

distorting mirror with a viewmaster


Some examples of tradeshows where we presented our distortingmirrors.

Tradeshow in the Netherlands Small tradeshow where we presented our distortingmirrors on our stand

Outdoor use:

We offer our mirrors for indoor- as well as for outdoor use. To maximize durability and make it an interesting investment in our professional mirrors, we manufacture outdoor use mirrors with different materials. For the open air use, no protection at all, we apply stainless steel mirrorplates and a FOREX frame.

Ofcourse these mirrors for outdoor use can be ordered in the same models and distorting effects as the indoor use.


Specials / Made to Measure

Distortingmirrors in sizes made to measure

Distortingmirrors in a frame made to measure

Distortingmirrors with LED lights

Distortingmirrors with your logo in the frame

Distortingmirrors fully to your specifications

Whatever idea regarding your distortingmirror is on your mind, please put your ideas to us!


Distortingmirrors needed for a limited period of time? We rent!

Would you like to have distortingmirrors available for a limited period of time, a week, 2 weeks, see our  ‘Rental’  page. Several models available and a good stock to choose from.


Production / Used Materials

Production is handled in The Netherlands by our very experienced Productionteam. We work with state of the art machinery combined with craftsmanship.

We use high quality materials, in order to assure a high quality mirror with a long durability.

With an excellent price / quality balance, we have many a satisfied customer in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Middle-East. will be present at EAS 2019 with our booth on bootnr. 4032