A customer who had a suspicious mind about paying in advance send us a beautifull mail after receiving the mirror. He paid in advance, after we said to give us the trust. The mail he send us:

Hi Ronald,

Well, you have certainly earnt that trust. The mirror just arrived half an hour ago & looks great in my ‘psychedelic parlour’. It will look even better when I attach it to the wall. Many thanks & it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Kind Regards,


PS I may come back to you in the near future for a smaller companion piece...

I won't have to say that we are very proud!


Distortingmirror.co.uk donated a carnivalmirror to the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds in Amsterdam.


VUmc is a house where parents can sleep with thier chlidren who suffer from cancer. Made possible by Ronald Mc Donlad.

Client testimonial by Twenteq. Twenteq rented 3 distorting mirrors for use on the TIV exhibition in Hardenberg from 6 to 9 September, 2011: We were present on the TIV 2011 in Hardenberg as three businesses, namely Twenteq, Hawo and Haarhuis. Before the exhibition, we discussed eye-catchers. In consultation, we decided to use distorting mirrors. People can directly be approached, and laughter is the best medicine. We then set out to find out what these mirrors would cost. We soon found Afunhousemirror.com. It was even possible to rent them there at bargain prices! This was ideal for us. They were delivered were we needed them, and afterwards they were picked up. All in all, we were very successful at the exhibition thanks to Afunhousemirror.com. If you are curious about or company, or if you have any questions, you can find us at: www.twenteq.nl Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.

Kind regards,

Wim ten Hove Twenteq BV


Twenteq: the answer to the question of quality in the world of machinery. The construction of high-quality machinery and devices requires suppliers with both specific knowledge and experience.





In early 2011, Afunhousemirror.com supplied 3 very beautiful mirrors to the Labyrint in the place where the Dutch, German and Belgium borders meet in Vaals. Of course, pictures soon found their way to the internet where we found them. (Click on the photograph to enlarge it.)

People often take pictures of their reflection in the distorting mirror. When we find great pictures of our mirrors on the internet, we add them to this page.





And another photograph found on the internet of one of the mirrors we supplied to the Labyrint in Vaals. On this picture you can clearly see the colour differences UV radiation causes in Oregon pine.

And another photograph taken in the Labyrint in Vaals. In it you can see a beautiful example of how UV radiation changes the colour of the wood.