Our name is highly respected in the customasation of distorted mirrors. We are only too happy to personalise our products to meet our customer specifications. Below are examples or our customised projects completed so far. They are in chronological order, the most recent project listed at the top. Please click on a picture to enlarge.


The engraving of a text or a logo is no problem for us!

Text on the the reverseside of the mirrorplate so there will be no dust in the words Light and an engravement in the distortingmirror? We can do it all for you.


For decoration around a pilar on a high school we've made a 360 degrees mirror!

Visual of the project Drawing The frame The testing of the reverseside of the mirrorplate. It is a precise work
The frame of the completely round distortingmirror ready to fit the mirrorplate. Glimpse inside the distortingmirror. The distortion mirror will be hung. End result of a special assignment we're proud of! This distortingmirror is made out of 3 pieces to fit a pilar. But what do you think of mounting the 3 parts to your wall like this?



A famous perfume stor in the Netherlands has held an action for mothersday using small distortingmirrors. They were not made by us. But we can make them for your (instore)action. Please contact us and talk about the possibilities for your company.

Promotional action by Douglas for mothersday.

Wiesell Broker

We were a member of BNI, Business Network International. We met a broker and we made a special distortingmirror for them. Including the brokers name engraved in the distortingmirror and we put LED ligtning behind it.

First me make a design and present it to you. The distortingmirror mounted on the wall. Detail of the text we heve engraved on the reverse side of the mirror plate. De verlichting is op accu. Met een powercon sluit u de spiegel aan op het lichtnet, en met de schakelaar schakelt u eenvoudig het licht aan of uit. Makelijk op bijv. een beurs. U heeft een blikvanger van formaat, maar geen snoeren er naar toe. Op de accu blijft de ledverlichting 2 a drie dagen branden. (8 uur per dag.)

Amazing Design

Fitting room mirror. Mobile. 1 side the normall mirror, and on the other side our feel good mirror. The one that makes you slim! Klik hier voor de website van Amazing Design. We engraved the name of our customer,

De echte passpiegel incl. logo. De dunmaakspiegel maakt je omdat deze zo smal is echt DUN! Detail van de voet met het logo in de spiegel (achterzijde) gegraveerd.