This unique attraction is best on display at main events or street festivals, as the focus of entertainment both for the young and the old, it has no age limit. The distorting mirror maze needs plenty of room to install but requires no power nor special security measures.

Originally, back in 2013, the concept for the Distorting Mirror Maze was based on a size of 36m² which proved a success. Included in this attraction, from the Model Amsterdam range, are 40 distorting mirrors. By special request we can transport the XXL sizes.


drawing of how to build the mirrormaze

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Yellow lines are the model Amsterdam, the brown
lines are model Amsterdam XXL.


Required for the Distorting Mirror Maze to be installed:


An area of 64m² equivalent to 8 x 8 meters. In the above figure, the drawing demonstrates what area should be available. Extra care and attention should be given to the points below to enable the installation:

  • An area of 64m²
  • 13 building fences and 19 blocks to support the fence panels
  • 1 person is required to assist with the installation
  • Access is required for large trailer to off load materials, as near to location as possible
  • Supervisors are required to be on site, by the Maze, during the event

Our price for this unique attraction is only €1295.- for 2 days hire. Extra costs incurred, include: travelling and hotel.


Mirrormaze at one of Hollands festivals in Amsterdam. This is a festival for grown ups. So if you thought mirrormazes are only for the children...... 40 distortingmirrors and 4 XXL size funhousemirrors in the mirrormaze. Yes, there are a lot! But it's verry funny and distorting for your brain. Espescelly after a few beers...
Of course you do not really get lost in our maze. Having fun of course! Did you know that you can create a maze in an area of your Indoor playground? Please feel free to contact us for more information, we will be happy to inform you about rent and sales!

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Our mobile mirror mazes described above are for rental purposes, specifically for events, however, we also sell our mirror mazes with distorted mirrors included. Please contact our office to discuss details for personalised mirror maze requirements. We offer a very attractive price for a very unique attraction.