Our priority is that our customers receive their orders undamaged. With this in mind, we ensure the product is packaged correctly, resulting in a cost for our customers which is unfortunate, but, we appreciate your understanding regarding this charge. Depending on the size and quantity ordered, shipping charges start from €50.00 per order. Our courier services are DHL, DPD or UPS. Afunhousemirror.com ships mirrors worldwide and relies on a good working relationship with our couriers which enables us to ship our customers mirror(s) effectively and proficiently.

We have developed our own packaging system, which incorporates the product being packaged twice, in effect, which we feel is a necessity. The mirror surface has a corrugated, cardboard, double layer packaging, for added protection. In effect, the mirror surface has 5 protective layers.

Please see below an example of our packaging process which clearly demonstrates how the mirror surface is placed on the protective plate and a tape is placed on the reversed side of the distorted mirror. This is to ensure the mirror plate is not scratched when our customers receive and first open the package.

Included with every mirror a fixing Kit + description and a drilling template & maintenance advice.

Included with every order, will be a fixing kit with instructions, a drilling template and maintenance advice.

Any distortion mirror will be packed in a single layer corrugated cardboard box.

The storage of distortingmirrors in our warehouse.

Our warehouse is stocked with our entire collection and ready to ship on completion of order. Including a variety of different acrylic  mirror colours and a complete set of 5 sizes 

When we ship your distorting mirror we double pack it for you.

If your mirror is sent with DHL, DPD or UPS we will double pack your distortingmirrors. For your shipment, we have double layer corrugated cardboard boxes and to the mirror side additional features a protective plate. As such the mirror side is protected with 5! Corrugated Board layers!

The mirror side goes on the protective plate.

The mirror side goes on the protective plate, see the tape on the reverse side of the distortion mirror. With that we prevent mirrorplate to get scratched on opening the package with a sharp object.

Your funhouse mirror ready to be shipped to you!

Your distortingmirror ready to be shipped to you!


Afunhousemirror.com ships its mirrors worldwide with a deliverycompany, longtime partner. This enables us to ship your mirror(s) at a correct rate.


A large stock allows us to provide you fast!


Large amount of funhouse mirrors in stock!