You can do so much more with distorted mirrors than merely using them for a fun house attraction. For example:

The Frame:

*             think of them as an interior product and how a decorated frame would enhance the unusual movement of the mirrored surface

-              the frame can be painted, for example, in the Netherlands we are proud of our football team and orange is our national colour. What colour would you choose?

-              why not try to decorate your frame using adhesives and mosaics (example shown)

The Surface

*             a transparent mirrored surface can be used or build a viewmaster.

Distortingmirror in the dutch national color for soccer. Personalities distortingmirror Theme laughing mirror with a build in possiblilty for a viewmaster
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1. Distortingmirror in the national color of the Netherlands for soccer. What color would you use to give a theme to your distortingmirror?

2. Results have shown from research into mental health (????) that a personality mirror could be used as an aspect of therapy. The personality mirror can be completely covered with tiny mirrors, the size of a business card, thereby, creating an effect of the reflection resonating multiple times 

3. Across the water a question from Ireland............

Can we make a distorting mirror with a hole in it?

Well, the answer is, yes we can. Our customer asked this question because the mirrors they have in mind were to be utilised by a children’s hospital. The hole in the centre of the mirrored surface will form a Viewmaster enabling the children to see a brighter future, bringing hope, inspiration and motivation but also to raise their spirits and bring some fun into their lives during what can be a very distressing time.

Distortingmirror illuminated bij LED There are lots of possibilties to use the front of the mirror by putting a plate and communicate your message there. This is one of 16 pieces we made for  big retailer in toys. Your smile mirror thematically with a cornice. This is custom machined and logo printed on wood.
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Distorted mirrors can be used to enhance the lighting in a room, a functional purpose or as a scene stealer.

4. Another aspect of our distorting mirrors is lighting. We produce this feature with LED lights which can be locked one static colour or run from colour to colour. A complete set of distorted mirrors can be attached together. TAI distorting mirrors which are on the same will produce the same colour. It is more than possible to programme the lighting effects, but this all depends on the budget available. As an example, Photo 4, LED lighting will cost €100.00 extra per mirror. Please ask one of our sales team for more information and pricing.

5. We are very proud of our distorting mirrors made specifically for Intertoys (a large retailer of children’s toys in the Netherlands). These mirrors were made both with light and sound effects. The brief from Intertoys required the lights to appear as dots, very easy to apply, small yet powerful and easy to use, minimum breakage and minimum failure. Also included in this design, as mentioned above, was a sensory sound mechanism which when stimulated by the reflection of someone standing in front of the mirror, produces a laughing sound.

6. Another concept for personalising your distorted mirror is to include a cornice. We can offer you a number of variations which customise the mirror to your satisfaction. As an example, please see the logo below personalised for a nursery. The logo is 3D, laser cut and then printed on wood for maximum effect.