The shapes of the distorting mirrors available:


Direction of view

In addition, to the shapes above, we have added a plane mirror to our offer. A complete set consists of 7 mirrors.

Below we explain how distortion in a mirror works, however, we ask you to bare in mind that distorting mirrors reflect a variety of different shapes and that the use of your imagination plus how far you stand from the focal point of the mirror will have an effect on the image reflected. Our list below is only an indication of how science interacts with our imagination:


Vertically Concave                      The reflection makes you appear taller

Vertically Convex                        The reflection makes you appear shorter

Horizontally Concave                   The reflection stretches the torso horizontally when you stand in front of the focal point

Horizontally Convex                    This is the feel-good mirror making you appear tall and slim

Convex Concave Convex              The reflection shows four legs and a short torso

Concave Convex Concave            The reflection makes you appear small and overweight

Plane                                         In this mirror you appear as you would see yourself normally, or how you perceive yourself to be. It provides a nice contrast and it is often used for training