Distortingmirror.co.cu is a sponsor of charity. For now only in Holland but in the future when we have a assignment in the UK we will give a distortingmirror to charity. You may always bring us ideas!

VUmc Childcity

Corporate social responsibility is important so we sponsor various goals with a distortion mirror. For example, we have for the first half of 2012 VU kinderstad MC from Amsterdam asked if they wanted to have a laugh mirror. And that they wanted to though! On 24 may 2012 we have this distortion mirror, on a wheeled chassis delivered to the very enthusiastic ladies of kids ' town. After delivery the first children already stood in line for a good laugh. We wish CHILDCITY a lot of fun with their distortion mirror. Vistit the website of childcity

Your distortingmirrorexpert sponsors a distortingmirrror to charity.

Chlidcity is for parents so then can sleep nearby their children as the recover from cancer. Made possible by Ronald Mc Donald

Happy Frog foundation.

Happyfrog foundation provides children and parents of long term sick children a happy day. We donated a distortingmirror for one of their homes in a bungalowparc. Visit the website of Happy Frog foundation (Dutch)

Your distortingmirrorexpert gives a distortingmirror to charity again. St. Happy Frog provides children who are sick for a long time with the day of thier lives! we were happy to donate a funhousemirror they can enjoy everyday! Thank you ote (in Dutch) from happy frog
Distortingmirrorexpert Ronald Kooij gives the mirror to the president of the foundation!


Kentalis: when hearing or cummunicating is not a matter of speach.

Kentalis is a national organisation which for over 220 years specializes in Diagnostics, care and education for people with disabilities in hearing or communicate. Kentalis is there for children, young people and adults who are deaf, hearing impaired or were born Deafblind. But also for people with severe autism with disorders in speech or speech and language. Some people have an additional limitation, or motoric problems. Visit the website of Kentalis (Dutch)

Through the program by Hans van Willigenburg on RTV-NH "the Guide" we were approached if we wanted to sponsor 1 distortion mirror. Our collaborator Thea Molenaar was extensively interviewed by a surprised Vince about the variety that we can offer in the field of smile mirrors. Fun anyway!

RTV-NH LogoStichting Kentalis, verblijd met een lachspiegel.


Stichting Heppie.

Foundation Heppie was a distortion mirror sponsored by us, Heppie makes children happy. This is necessary because there are a lot of children in Netherlands who can use a little extra attention for different reasons. For these children Heppie organizes active group holidays and atmosphere full weekends, in which they can fully play, relax and enjoy a carefree time. Visit the website of Heppie foundation (Dutch)