A freestanding distorting mirror frame with 2 distorting mirrors in it, or a distorting mirror with a brochure rack.


Amsterdam freestanding (double)

Size: 180x72x30 (HxBxD)
Use: Indoors and Ooutdoors *1
Stand: Yes
Cornice: Yes
In stock: No
Available: 3 tot 4 weken
Types / Shapes: All, click here for all types / shapes All types can be placed in the frame. In addition to that, we developed a rack for brochures especially fort his frame.
Colours: All available colours in birch multiplex
Material: The standard model of this mirror is supplied in Birch Multiplex. Any other material of which you would like to see this mirror made is possible on request.

€1072.50 Frame + 2 mirrors
€907.50 Frame + 1 mirror 1 + brochure rack

Remark(s): A great mirror to use on exhibitions.

*1 For outside use, you need to order the outdoor version. (different price)