Chalkboards available in all popular sizes.




Available in our most popular sizes.
Amsterdam Small 60x38x7 (HxWxD)
Amsterdam Kids 100x68x12 (HxWxD)
Amsterdam 150x68x12 (HxWxD)

Use: Indoor and Outdoor
Stand: Yes
Cornice: Yes
In stock: Yes!
Available: Direct
Types / Shapes: Does not apply
Colours: All available colours in birch multiplex.
Material: The standard model of this mirror is supplied in Birch Multiplex. Any other material of which you would like to see this mirror made is possible on request.
Price per unit: Amsterdam Small €89.-
Amsterdam Kids €159.-
Amsterdam €189.-
Remark(s): For outside use we make them in Forex (only in color: white) There is an addition on the price. Call with our office 0031-226-454143
Chalkboards available in all popular sizes.