A very stable distorting mirror, Kids size. Ideal for day-care centres.


Kids Freestanding (double)


47,24x28,34x19,68inch (HxWxD)

120x72x50 (HxBxD)

Use: Indoors and outdoors
Stand: Yes
Cornice: Yes
In stock: No
Available: 3 till 4 weeks
Types / Shapes: All, click here for all types / shapes All types/shapes can be placed in this frame. You will thus have 2 distorting mirrors to entertain the kids.
Colours: All available colours in birch multiplex
Material: The standard model of this mirror is supplied in Birch Multiplex. Any other material of which you would like to see this mirror made is possible on request.
Price per unit:

€907.50 per unit excludes shipping costs