You can do so much more with funhouse mirrors...

Think of the frame;

  • You can paint them in a specific color. In the Netherland we use orange to let the world know we're proud on our soccer team
  • We can put adhisives on the frame with a design
  • we can make a see through mirror or build in a viewmaster
Distortingmirror in the dutch national color for soccer. Personalities distortingmirror Theme laughing mirror with a build in possiblilty for a viewmaster
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1. Distortingmirror in the national color of the Netherlands for soccer. What color would you use to give a theme to your distortingmirror?

2. Personalities Mirror. This mirror is completely covered with tiny mirrors the size of a business card. This creates an effect whereby one sees himself several times. The real distortion effect is off. Born out of the demand from the psychiatry.

3. A question from Ireland. If we could make a distortingmirror with a hole in it? Of course! The reason for this gap is that our customer will build in a kind of view master. Children with cancer will have with this distortion mirror, and by the Viewmaster they can look at their sunny future .... This to give them hope and inspiration for the annoying time where they have to through first.

Distortingmirror illuminated bij LED There are lots of possibilties to use the front of the mirror by putting a plate and communicate your message there. This is one of 16 pieces we made for  big retailer in toys. Your smile mirror thematically with a cornice. This is custom machined and logo printed on wood.
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You can your distortingmirrors mirrors feature with light, functional or as a scene-stealer. You can also think of a cornice on your laughter mirror.

4. Distortion mirror with LED lighting in the frame. We produce it so that you almost do not see that it is there! The LED lighting can be locked or expired on 1 static color from color to color. You can attach a complete set laugh mirrors to each other. TAl distortingmirrors who are on the same line will give the same color. It is possible to program the lighting effects, all depends on your budget! LED lighting such as on picture 4 costs about € 100.-extra per mirror. ask our salesteam for your exact price.

5. We have made a number of distortingmirrors for Intertoys (a big retailer of toys in the Netherlands) with light and sound. Intertoys choose for LED dots. Easy to apply, small, powerful and very easy to use because they do not break or fail. We also have a sensor built in that plays a laughing sound when somebode moves before the mirror.

6. You can also render your distortion mirror by putting a cornice. Even here we offer you a big variety of custumation. Together with you we will look for the ideal solution for you to spread your message or theme. For this nursery, we have the logo in a cornice, the logo 3D cut out and then let the print print on wood.