Light and sound

Size: All sizes
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Hang: Can be installed horizontally or vertically
Stand: Yes
Cornice: Yes
In stock: No, only on demand
Available: 3 till 4 weeks
Types / Shapes: All, click here for all types / shapes
Price per unit: On demand
Remark(s) LED lighting and sound. The engraving of your logo or text is possible.
This corridor will be made more attractive with distortingmirrors completed with LED lighting
This corridor will be made more attractive with our distoringmirrors. Because of the
corridor ledligting is required.
We build the lighting so that you practically do not see it!
We build in the lighting practically invisible, except for the light itself!
The leds can give you qone color or give a variety of colors in a loop.
Bright light! Just one color or a loop of colors. We provide you with a remote control!
LED Lighting Green
A complete set in our warehouse. As you can see it give a lot of light!
LED Lighting is available on almost al our models.
LEDlighting is available in almost al our models. we don't have any in stock so it has to
made for you. That takes 6 till 8 weeks.